I became mo&ming-nerd. Also I became sewing-nerd as well. Do you want to keep watching pictures of moming on here?

I feel happy I think.. Their love is just unconditional. 

So pure 

xx, j. 


I'm still here,,
Maybe miss feeling of black night.



i doubt if there is someone who keeps checking on my blog though,


brown combination

bought this Givenchy lace up boots and leather coat from mm6. this mm6 coat is small for me so I'm going to sell it. anyway, I bought this givenchy boots in two colors, one is olive and the other one is black. so far, I totally love it! Also, that jean is for winter. It only cost $30 to buy but really amazing. so warm and look skinny :) Thesedays, I'm on my diet. Usually many people I guess, I get overweight in winter so I'm trying to do something right now :) so far, I loose weight 9pounds for 10days(yai!!) I was skinny girl but I am not in thesedays.. I will post about my diet later too. 
night, xx

Isabel Marant Racoon Coat

Selling Isabel Marant Racoon Fur Coat 
Hello, again. I tried to list items on ebay so that I get rid of ? things I don't wear but they dont let me to do that because of some kind of multiple accounts issues. :( So I think I'm going to upload a few items on my blog first. Yes, here is my one of lovely yet i rare wear, Isabel Marant Racoon Fur Coat. It's size 1. Fur is great but the composition  tag is slightly worn out. I remember this style so I bought it even if that is pre owned product. and I double checked Isabel Marant local stores in Seoul 2times. So yes, this is authentic. I can ship this using EMS so that you can recieve this within a week(mostly 3~5days) also I will pay the shipping cost. I even feel sorry to tell about the price because I had not known if that was pricy, I mean i thought the price is almost same to all over the world. So anyway, so if you still wants this please email me :)


Currently My Wish Lists..

I'm a huge fan of YOOX since I was in high school. I more like to spend money on yoox when I try to buy new clothes. especially when it's on sale. It feels that I bought something special with reasonable price all the time. Since I don't care about current season or current fashion that much. so, yeah! here is my heaven especially when I try to find mmm which is one of my fav. Do you know every different coutries of yoox has different price range and items? well it's almost same but sometimes US much cheaper than FR. but mostly Italy has the lowest, fullest sized stocks. I assume because of its origin. So I have all accounts at IT, FR, UK, and US. I bought tabi boots last thanksgiving day at Italian yoox. anyway! these are currently my obsession. monotonous, silky look(yet little bit heavier than silk) draped dress and that ROSE brooch!! hope i could get one of those at least. :) xx


I recieved these a week ago.
stripe jacket is from Koshka. What a cool jacket. It's very soft and good for hot summer. thank you :)
and this bag is from Banana Taipei. They make eco-friendly tote bag. their design is fun and interesting. They are going to launch the whole collection in 2013 and this bag is also part of its collection. Thank you for lovely bag!
Both items could be used from Casual to Formal look. besides, my dogs love this bag! I don't know why but once I opened this bag, both just jumped into this bags. feels like ready to go out with them :) Also I got sunglasses from Koshka, and that is more good on my pups not me :p. so cute and adorable. thank you for your lovely gifts!! 

leather detail

 this celine coat is amazing. too exhausted thesedays because of working. Everyone seems to purchase their winter coats more than 2items. Especially all the fur fur fur... which I also want to wear but I prefer not to. received a few items from many places. will upload soon.
night, well,, thesedays i only sleep 2~4am and work.


new coat

I got new Isabel Marant coat today, I forgot the model name but it is 11ss runway product. I am also kind of addicted to Isabel Marant, I've been had, sold different styles but this one is more unique.  it has very interesting arm style. and those leather detail is really nice. anyway, maybe it seems boring as my style is not that various though, here is one of my daily look.